July, July!

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe its already Mid- July.

I have much to fill you in on.

Kitty was in need of some new climbing ground. I put up some shelves for him to sleep, and feel like a king. Renny’s dad also built this incredible cat tree, which kitty was very excited about. He is getting so big, and quickly out grew his previous set ups.

My garden is going through seasonal changes, I have had some hibiscus blooms and wildflower blooms.  My beans and peas succumbed to a plant illness. (powdery mildew)

The snails and slugs are also back, there was a time that my plants were safe from them.

I do have some peppers coming out.

A jalapeno, and some bell peppers.

I also have two small cucumber plants coming through.

Cilantro has another cycle beginning, it dropped it’s seeds about a month ago and new little sprouts have made their way through.

The hanging pots are doing well, they are filling out nicely.

And of course tomatoes are starting to pop out (I think they are late)

 and cat nip… kitty has yet to discover this.

Just before the Holiday (4th) I was asked to photograph a Quincinera! My first experience ever with this tradition, and it was interesting, but very beautiful.

And on a side note…

If your a S’more lover like myself, and don’t always have access to a campfire, I came across this recipe on one of the food blogs that I read.

(although I layered mine differently)

S\’more Bars!!!



Like many people, I was fortunate to have Memorial Day off from work. (yes I realize this post is a little late, but not irrelevant)

I was excited to just enjoy the day, sit outside and do nothing.

The alarm still went off like it always does, bright and early.

The cat also went off…. as usual MEOW MEOW MEOW!

I decided to start the day early, get as much packed in as I could.

There was something I wanted to hang on my fridge, I soon realized that I would need to attach a magnet.

I figured my junk/tool/misc item drawer would probably have a magnet in it.

While I looked for the magnet, I realized that my junk/tool/misc item drawer was in need of a massive organizing clean up.

In my head I thought “I have all day, it will be quick”, so I organized the drawer.

During that process I found something that just didn’t belong…That led me to the kitchen closet.

When I started to put that item away, I realized…. this closet needs a revamp – “I have all day, It will be quick.”

After organizing the closet, I noticed there was no longer room for a certain container, and if I placed that container under the bathroom sink – it would work much better…. Guess what?

I told myself that “I have all day, it will be quick…….sigh”

While I sat on the floor in the bathroom, toiletries and cleaning supplies surrounding me…I came to the conclusion that the plastic drawers in my bedroom would be a better place to store extra shampoo and toiletry items, But where could I put those drawers. Ah HA!

“If I rearranged my closet…………”

I am sure at this point you understand where things went from there.

By 11am I needed to stop this massive apartment re-do and get some fresh air.

I took the cat out and we spent some time in my garden (of pots). He laid in the sun, while I transplanted/plucked/watered my very green patio decor.

Since the sun was out I decided to make some iced tea (just like mom).

Once that was ready I poured a glass over ice, dropped in a slice of lemon and sat outside….

Thinking about my childhood lists (mom knows about those all to well). I used to make the most elaborate lists for things that I wanted.

And when my dad built my playhouse, I made a lists (corresponding with the JCPenney home catalogue) of things I wanted for my Playhouse.

I started to think more about that list and I realized that I have my completed Playhouse now.

I have my patio set, on my very own patio.

Surrounded by my very own plants, all growing wonderfully.

I have my very own cat, my crazy adorable cat…

and I am finally living in my very own completed playhouse.

Granted, my list at this point is very much outdated; I still think my 10 year old self would be proud. (although probably drinking overly sweetened Kool-aid instead of sun made iced tea….) Cheers!

Produce Department & Garden Center

I am close to having my own garden center and produce section!

well, maybe if I only had one customer…but I really do have great things happening.

You might wonder why I have a plastic fork in the plant…. that was my nifty solution to making sure the whole berries turn red.

I noticed that the berries just lay on the dirt, and if they were suspended a little there would be no discolored or deformed berries.

These two are the largest yet!

Cucumbers…(I think)

Big Kitty…


The WHOLE (bare) Hibiscus plant.


Spice bucket



Picked green beans

Ask my mom if you are wondering what plant this is….. 

And this furry plant kitty says  “Hello”.


You have not seen my plants lately, and whether you enjoy them or not……

I have to show you the new developments!!!

The Cilantro has gone to seed… once those dry, I will plant them again.

No clue what this is, it was part of the wildflower packet. They should be cute little yellow flowers.

A small sunflower should be popping up sometime soon.

Here is the little wildflower patch next to my sidewalk…

One of the stars in my garden! The beautiful strawberries!!!! I ate the first one….you know…. as a test.

COMPLETE SUCCESS!! I cannot wait for more.

Not too long before the Hibiscus blooms…


Green Beans are shooting out everywhere!

Yummy Peas

I know, it’s a little small. I just had to try it.

Newcomer – Hydrangea

Out of nowhere, my tomato seed sprouted.

I’m proud of all my plants, I really cannot wait for things to be in full bloom.

I think the CA weather helps a little…



Wow, Its been a little while.

I  feel like there is so much I need to update on.

I think the best way is to just share all the new photos. Most of them do not need explaining…



Wanna Be a Celebrity

well, not quite that big of a celebrity…

the OC Register is having a cat photo contest and guess what?

I have a really cute cat! (and so do hundreds of other people)

I am submitting this photo

SO make sure you VOTE EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

Help the little guy out…

Here is the link to the site: VOTE FOR TWITCH

Click “VOTE” at the bottom and search for Twitch.

The Details:  We will accept photos of all cats, but only Orange County, CA cats are eligible to win. Upload a photo (only one cat in each photo, please). However, households with multiple cats can submit photos for each cat.

Don’t forget to vote and vote often (up to 10 votes per minute).

The winners will be announced in the Register’s Life section and online at ocregister.com/pets on Monday, May 16. 

The Prize: Two top cats – one chosen by voters, the other by Register judges – will win a kitty gift basket including toys and supplies and $100 gift cards. Both winners must be residents of Orange County and registrants will need to enter a phone number for verification purposes.

Neighborhood Zoo

Greetings everyone! How do you like the new Header on the page? And how about the silly little side image?

To start things off, I will show you my plant updates. If you can’t tell already…I am really proud of these little guys.

They are starting to become real plants!

On another note…I decided to take my camera to document one of the many walks kitty and I take. He really understands being on a leash….except when he is hunting.

For some reason this walk was not like most of the others.

Not sure if I have mentioned it before, but Twitch has taken interest in Perry (the cat upstairs).

This week, she came downstairs to meet kitty.

It didn’t go quite as well as he hoped. Twitch was happy to see her up close, sort of.



We tried another walk documentation today…

Hunting Bees…

…and then we came across these new animals,

The wild parrots of Orange County and a HUGE lizard (8 inches long).

The weekend is within reach and I could not be happier.

It’s supposed to be really warm, today was in the 80’s…(sorry).

I have some little ideas for my patio area, I will keep you updated.

Until then…