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Happy Birthday Abby

August 5th every year is a holiday in my book. I love my birthday and as of now I don’t mind getting older…

This year I took off the day from work to completely relax. Conveniently I received a free massage from my gym, so I was more than happy to accept.


I also did a little birthday shopping and came home with my new found love of Lululemon! While in the mall area, I stopped at Sephora to pick up my yearly free birthday item. A pretty great sized bottle of birthday cake body wash!! Interesting I know…


Another great reason to love birthdays is the number of cards received! My family is notorious for finding all the kitty cards in a store and sending them all.


Thank you to all the birthday wishes!


Classic Rock for the Soul

Back in 2005 I went with some friends to a concert at Darien Lake. It was a last minute decision and I wasn’t really sure who we were seeing, but that concert was a blast.

Flash forward to 2011, I find tickets to the same group. A MUST see.

and this past weekend….

JOURNEY, opening with Foreigner and Night Ranger.

Such a great show. They really give a killer show!



Organizing Smorgasborg

I have been in the process of organizing my apartment for the past month. I guess you could call it “Early Spring Cleaning”. But I shouldn’t use the word Spring to all of you east coasters… I understand it’s a sensitive subject.

My first accomplishment was taking three 13 gallon garbage bags FULL of clothes to Goodwill. Ahhh a refreshing feeling….until I go back to my closet and realize that I still have a ton of stuff. I guess the “joy” of living in an apartment is that your closet is storage for EVERYTHING!

I have rearranged my kitchen numerous times. There is limited cabinet space so I have to be smart about my storage. I have to say this can organizer was a GREAT investment.

(although it does look a little like a store)

I decided to separate my items into a few categories and for each category: a bin. That makes for easy find.

Baking supplies

Cereals/breakfast foods

Snacks and goodies Pastas and dry soups

What used to be my misc paper stasher, I now have a nicely organized spice holder!

Top- frequent users (s&p) & Italian spices

Middle- Mexican and spicy spices

Bottom- spice packets, grill seasonings, and random things like Dill weed

All of my other cabinets are your usuals… Cups, wine glasses, Tupperware, mugs, oils/coffee stuff. Nothing worth showing.

The start of this supercharged task evolved from my purchase of this Ikea shelf.

Another smart investment. I love this closet and it serves a huge purpose, but there was so much middle space not being used. Insert shelf, and you have a nice organized, maximized purpose closet! (by the way.. that Dirt Devil is the greatest vacuum. Thanks black Friday)

Since I painted my two side tables… (which I am very proud of might I add) I have been able to organize them as planned. Kitty also enjoys this new change.

Bottom: cat toys, top movies (he can help himself.  Now I just need to train him to put them away.)

Other side

Bottom:Various cables and cords

Top, manuals for all my electroics and corresponding CDs

Next will be my desk, but Renny’s dad kindly offered to fix it up for me. He is doing a MUCH better job then I would have! (THANKS) Until then, Here is my desk, and everything that goes in it…

Next time, I will show you the great new and improved desk, along with my book shelf, coffee table and the TV stand….




on a side note, we lost a family member today. She lived a VERY long time…. Love you Schmockers.

My Mother’s Daughter.

So what should I do now that I have no practice Saturday mornings?

I take on the task of refinishing the great furniture from the garage sale….(I am my mother’s daughter)

remember these?

After a two days of this…

I now have tables that look like this… (and kitty will help show them off)

I might clean up the handles a little more… not sure yet…


While I had the paint out, I also finally painted this drawer chest –

The handles on this will definitely be changed to something else…. or maybe painted…..who knows.


There are still two pieces that need help…one step at a time.

take a look now, they will be different next time you see them!

I am my mother’s daughter…. nothing better then a little home project.

Speaking of, Mom will be visiting and she will finally get to meet…………

stay tuned!

Twitchy Day

96666666666666666666666 <Guess who typed that???

Some of you may know that I have wanted a cat of my own for a while.

Today was that day!

Meet  _______!!! (I haven’t decided on a name but I am thinking Twitch… I will explain later)

He is a little rescue kitty, 3 months old.

I am thinking the name Twitch because when he sleeps, his paws twitch… he must be having some exciting dreams.

He is adjusting very well. Already comes to me when I call him, and he knows that I am his momma!

The little guy is very cuddly. He will definitely be a lap cat!

8 Mile Start

Still accepting donations:  contribute today!!!

First day back to practice and we set out on an 8 miler.

We were joined by the other groups in the area. (Inland Empire runners, Triathaloners and cyclists!)

Great Morning at Yorba Park. It was a midpoint for everyone, and a nice change of scenery.

Today’s run came a little easier then I had expected. While yes 8 miles was tiring…I found a great person to run with who is at my pace.  We are able to talk as we run, which distracts us from the distance and the fatigue. Thanks Gabby!

A little Goldfish cracker snack toss to finish off the day……

Quench the thirst and go home to recover. Great run everyone! Next week is DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!!

Holiday Hiatus

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the lack of posts the past few weeks.  Good news is that I have accumulated tons of images to share with you!

My goal for the day (after work of course) is to get some outside time, in hopes that the CA rain has stopped for good…

and then fill you all in on my life the past month!

stay tuned………..