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Much Thanks.

I would like to thank those who who donated. The grand total was…..Drumroll Please………… $1710.00. Thank you everyone.

Soon I will have the actual pictures of the event…Crossing the finish line!!




3, 2, 1 GO!

Surf City Half Marathon is officially under my belt! I am no longer a rookie runner, I can say that I have run A race! Apparently only 2% of the population runs races!

My day started early (before my alarm even went off) I still had the excitement they built up the night before!

Today Team in Training was at its best! They were there every time I needed a push. Here’s the day in photos….

Sorry they are not the best quality, my sweaty hands and a little camera; take a look-

We met at the Hyatt to walk down to the race together

Thats not everyone…Probably only a fifth of the group. We were like a cluster of GRAPES!

Pep talk from a long time runner, he was on his 149th half marathon.

Coach Paul giving a little last minute advice!

A little chilly in the morning….


I am so proud of myself! Thank you for all of your help.



Race Eve

Just got home from the Inspiration Dinner. I met up with Gabby to pick up our race packets!

Thats what I am running tomorrow! 13.1!! WHOA!


The dinner was GREAT! So fun, and really really Inspirational! I think they made me even MORE excited for tomorrow!

Any 90210 watchers? (the new one) recognize this fountain?

Our Team coaches gave us a warm LOUD welcome as we entered the dining area! All the Bells & Whistles….Literally!!


What a great team! Glad I was a part of it.

Now back home for some rest…….

check back tomorrow!



Gettin’ Ready

Before I start I thought you should see my little man hanging out on the couch.

Looking cute for the Camera!! He knows what to do by now.

On to the post:

My race is tomorrow, I am excited. Tonight we have our Inspiration Dinner. A nice pasta meal to carb load before the big day! I have my hydration belt ready: fluids, energy gummies, and some salty snacks.  My race day clothes are set out, the shoes are untied and ready to go! My running partner and I are meeting in Huntington before dinner to get our race packets at the expo.

If you are interested in the details : Surf City Marathon

Bib First Name Last Name Sex Age
15664 Abby Hendrix F 24
Start Time Bib # # of Pacers Projected Finish Time
7:43 AM Wheelchair
7:45 AM Elite Under 1:15 hours
7:45 AM 5000-5999 2 1:15 – 1:41 hours
7:47 AM 6000-6999 2 1:41 – 1:50 hours
7:49 AM 7000-7999 2 1:50 – 1:58 hours
7:51 AM 8000-8999 2 1:58 – 2:00 hours
7:53 AM 9000-9999 2 2:00 – 2:00 hours
7:55 AM 10000-10999 2 2:00 – 2:06 hours
7:57 AM 11000-11999 6 2:06 – 2:13 hours
7:59 AM 12000-12999 4 2:13 – 2:18 hours
8:01 AM 13000-13999 4 2:18 – 2:30 hours
8:03 AM 14000-14999 2 2:30 – 2:30 hours
8:05 AM 15000-15999 2 2:30 – 2:35 hours
8:07 AM 16000-16999 2 2:35 – 2:50 hours
8:09 AM 17000-17999 2 2:50 – 3:00 hours
8:11 AM 18000-20999 0 3:00 – 6:15 hours

Up with the Birds…

Bright and Early, Rise and Shine!  I was up with the birds today, it was a nice morning for 6 miles.

We are on a shorter distance this week because next week is the SURF CITY HALF MARATHON!!! YAY!

Hydration belt packed and ready. I didn’t really need it this week since it was a short run, but it think its a good idea to get a feel for wearing one. They are extremely handy.

Our mentors packed awesome goodie bags for us….

They gave out some prized for the top fundraisers! Coach Paul gave us his story…

Since today was our last group practice, it was nice to stay longer and mingle with everyone. This was a really great experience and I am so happy that I participated. Thank you to my running partner for keeping me going, and thanks to a great supportive team! We will have fun next week.

Readers: you should be able to follow me online throughout the race from wherever you are. Let me get the details this week and I will post them. (in case you have time away from the Super Bowl…..hahah)

They gave us our race day shirts and packets too!

Beautiful day in sunny California, Sorry east coasters….

……….back home to my crazy kitty.

The Mileage Strikes 12

So Saturday was the longest distance we have accomplished yet. Race day is only two weeks away, I am getting a little nervous/anxious!

I prepared myself early this week. Last week’s run was a great example of not being prepared as far as nutrition and hydration. I packed up my new Hydration Belt with fluids and energy snacks. Starting Wednesday, I was drinking tons of water just to make sure I would feel ok come Saturday. Sure enough, I felt GREAT! My body was very happy with me. While my legs definitely ached, I knew that a little stretching post run would be fine.

We were fortunate to have practice near the beach! And while I tell you how prepared I was, I must be honest about one thing…I never put the SD card back in my camera! So while I took a great amount of photos for you, they never saved. I didn’t realize this until just a few moments ago when I was taking the best pictures of awesome kitty! haha

So, I had to improvise. Good thing the beach doesn’t really change so the pictures I do have of Huntington Beach will give you a good idea of where we ran.

HB has a great section of bike trail along the ocean that goes for MILES! It was busy with other runners, bikers, walkers, and lots of dogs!  There was beautiful weather (I won’t elaborate too much, I know what the east coast is going through).

We came from Main St. down those stairs and started along the bike trail for 6 miles, turned around and came back.

Its a great view of the pier on the way back, Gabby (my great running partner) and I knew that 12 miles was almost over! It was the best feeling to know that I made it that long and still felt great!


Our finish point was a little park just up Main Street. Upon return, I stretched, snacked and went home to play with Twitch!

Ten in the Sun

Practices are coming close to the end. The Surf City half marathon is coming up on Feb. 6th.

I am hoping that all of you will finish off your donations Wednesday is the last day!

Saturday was our first day running double digits! We set out for 10 miles!!!!!

It was a great course through neighborhood trails, quiet streets and beautiful weather!

I did get there a little late. Practices are usually at 7:30 and this week was at 7, I didn’t realize it until 7:11.

Good thing was that it was a block from my house.

After ten good miles, snacks, drinks and stretching are a MUST!

I was proud to complete ten miles, but it definitely took a toll on my body.

Next week is 12, followed by a short 5 (I  think) and finished by race day.

My goal is not to get a great time, not to win, I just want to finish this! I know this will not be my last event… I am planning to do a half marathon in Florida come October. There will be more posts on that closer to the event.

I do hope you all keep visiting after this. My posts won’t stop, they will just be about new things.

You cannot tell me that seeing Twitch won’t be exciting??!!