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Whoa where have you been?!

He best way to fill you in on what’s been going on it through pictures! Here it goes…























Wow, Its been a little while.

I  feel like there is so much I need to update on.

I think the best way is to just share all the new photos. Most of them do not need explaining…



Carlsbad Flower Fields

Have you ever seen so many ranuculus?

Mom and I visited the Carlsbad Flowerfields!  They were beautiful, although it is not prime time yet.

Not every field was in bloom.

We took a tractor ride to the fields in bloom and listened to a (monotone) recording of facts…

The flowers were beautiful.

When Momma Visits…

Mom came to visit last week. It was nice to spend time with her.

She flew in late Wednesday night and when she stepped into my apartment, she was greeted by my very curious kitty.

He checked her out, and realized she was going to be his new best friend.


Mom’s goal while visiting was to get my kitty outside.  I was not willing to let him just go out alone, so we found a nice lightweight leash…..HE LOVED IT.

He even hands you his paw when you lay down the harness….

He really enjoyed everything outside. The birds kept him extremely occupied, there were so many things to look at.

new friends….Quack Quack

CHi CHi go!

The second part of my vacation was spent in Chicago.

I love this city…its clean..its easy to walk around…people are friendly…and its beautiful!


A little foggy over Navy Pier one morning…


Its a little eerie…….

John Hancock Tower…..decorated from the holidays!

One day we visited the Museum of Science and Industry to check out the Jim Henson exhibit. I love the Muppets, and it was great to see some in person… I know some people who can appreciate this video: Mahna Mahna

I wish I could have taken pictures in there, but they don’t allow it. Sorry folks… you will have to go yourself.

These are some other things we saw at the museum.

They had a whole Christmas tree display.

Trees representing different countries, and a Chicago favorite :The Blackhawks tree!


Millenium Park- a must for photo opportunities!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Coast to Coast

Welcome back!

I hope you are all still interested…

Where should I begin?  Before the holidays things were getting hectic. I was trying to get some running in despite the lovely California weather forecast. I know all of you east coasters can handle days of rain, but out here…. its like the end of the world!  Needless to say, it down-poured for a week straight.

The office had a nice little holiday cookie exchange and a cubicle decorating contest!

The Green desk is mine……Festive huh?

I decided last minute to make cookies for the exchange. Last year I made almost 10 different kinds of cookies…this year….JUST ONE!  Chocolate Peppermint cookies (Courtesy of Martha Stewart). I love peppermint….I love chocolate…..I love white chocolate……YUMMM.

My cookies were a hit, along with a ton of other recipes!

Christmas at home was wonderful, as usual. I love going home to see everyone. We had the traditional Christmas Eve party at our house (always entertaining).

More cookies: Baked by Soph, and decorated by many!

more lovely decorations… Thats Soph’s reindeer horse hybrid.

Here are mom’s cookies!!

One of many attempts to get the family together for a photo……I don’t think this is easy for any family.



On to the next portion of my Christmas travels!!!


The nice thing about living in a vacation location is that when friends visit…. there is never “nothing” to do. It just so happens that there is SO much to do.

You have to take visitors to LA, its one of the reasons they come…

You need to do all the tourist stuff that (let’s be honest) you don’t ever do unless someone visits…. I think its fun. And the more I do these things the better I am at planning itineraries for visitors.

I have another visitor coming in the next week. That means more fun adventures..

Here is a list of what we did-

Hollywood Museum- 4/5 stars

Warner Bros. Studio Tour- 5/5 stars

Starline Tours (1 hr LA tour)- 1.5/5 stars

Aquarium of the Pacific- 3/5 stars

Walk of Stars- its free so who cares the rating. Make it your own 5/5.

And lastly, I would suggest looking into the Go LA Pass…much easier and worth the money.