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Whoa where have you been?!

He best way to fill you in on what’s been going on it through pictures! Here it goes…























I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween! As much as I prepared and hoped for trick-or-treaters, I was upset that I didn’t have a single person. And I say person to be specific because there was an unknown critter that treated himself to Kitty’s pumpkin. We never caught the little culprit but in one night he managed to eat the shapes out of the whole pumpkin.

I carved a cute fish skeleton on the cat’s mini pumpkin and a little Halloween scene in mine. Renny decided to paint his-any angry birds fans out there? As I do every Halloween I made sure to watch Hocus Pocus.


At work we has a great Halloween party! It was a Day of the Dead theme with yummy Mexican food for lunch. 20111107-140124.jpg

There were various contests and prizes. I actually won Best Desk Decoration!! 20111107-135511.jpg

I also made cute one eyed monster cake pops to share.


Kitty says “Happy Meow-lloween!”


Small note…







Step into Fall…

Furbaby’s 1st Birthday

Today is my little fuzzy kitty’s first birthday. While I have only had him since January, I couldn’t imagine a better pet. He has completely fit into my life perfectly and has only made things more FUN!

When I first started to seriously think about getting a cat I was convinced that I would just know which one was best. I set out the first day convinced I would be coming home with a kitten. Unfortunately that was not the case.

At the first adoption location there were a few kitties, mostly girls, and all of them were adorable. I wanted a little boy. The only boy there was this orange and white tabby who was long, lean and sleepy. I held him for a little while he slept, but I was torn with choosing a kitten at the first location or waiting until I visited a few more.

I decided to head off to other locations and come back if I had no luck.

The rest of the day was a complete fail. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats – all cats.

I just wasn’t feeling that connection I thought I would. It was overwhelming.

That night I thought about the cats I saw, and decided that my first location really had the best cats, and that orange one was really cute.

The next morning I set off early to the first location. I knew there was a chance that the little orange and white kitty might be gone.

I watched all the fosters bring in the kitties for the day and sure enough the last little one to come in was the little orange one…

He was much more active that day and he was really hoping to go home.

I sat there for a while watching him and playing. He was reaching out of the crate at me and I knew he was supposed to come home with me. There were no other questions about it, not a single doubt.

That brings us to today. He is very attached to his new home. Since his adoption his name changed from “Donny” (yuck) to “Twitch” although it seems that he has taken on many other names: BooBoosan, Kiddy, Sunggle bug etc. He doesn’t care what you call him, he just loves being around people.


So Happy Birthday little guy!

Happy Birthday Abby

August 5th every year is a holiday in my book. I love my birthday and as of now I don’t mind getting older…

This year I took off the day from work to completely relax. Conveniently I received a free massage from my gym, so I was more than happy to accept.


I also did a little birthday shopping and came home with my new found love of Lululemon! While in the mall area, I stopped at Sephora to pick up my yearly free birthday item. A pretty great sized bottle of birthday cake body wash!! Interesting I know…


Another great reason to love birthdays is the number of cards received! My family is notorious for finding all the kitty cards in a store and sending them all.


Thank you to all the birthday wishes!

Classic Rock for the Soul

Back in 2005 I went with some friends to a concert at Darien Lake. It was a last minute decision and I wasn’t really sure who we were seeing, but that concert was a blast.

Flash forward to 2011, I find tickets to the same group. A MUST see.

and this past weekend….

JOURNEY, opening with Foreigner and Night Ranger.

Such a great show. They really give a killer show!