I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween! As much as I prepared and hoped for trick-or-treaters, I was upset that I didn’t have a single person. And I say person to be specific because there was an unknown critter that treated himself to Kitty’s pumpkin. We never caught the little culprit but in one night he managed to eat the shapes out of the whole pumpkin.

I carved a cute fish skeleton on the cat’s mini pumpkin and a little Halloween scene in mine. Renny decided to paint his-any angry birds fans out there? As I do every Halloween I made sure to watch Hocus Pocus.


At work we has a great Halloween party! It was a Day of the Dead theme with yummy Mexican food for lunch. 20111107-140124.jpg

There were various contests and prizes. I actually won Best Desk Decoration!! 20111107-135511.jpg

I also made cute one eyed monster cake pops to share.


Kitty says “Happy Meow-lloween!”



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